Frequently Asked Questions

What areas of law do you practice?
We practice family law, personal injury, criminal defense, estate planning and wills, corporate law, general civil litigation, appellate practice, and small claims actions. Additional areas of practice for each attorney can be found in the About Us section of this website.

What’s a retainer and how is it applied?
A retainer is a down-payment, or pre-payment, for legal services. With the exception of contingency fee matters (see below), all cases are billed on an hourly rate. Retainer funds are held in trust and distributed to the firm as work is completed on your case. The amount of the retainer does not represent the estimated entire cost of your legal matter from start to finish.

    What is a contingency fee?
    Contingency fees are mainly associated with personal injury matters and collection cases. No retainer is necessary in contingency fee cases. The firm’s collection of fees is contingent upon a successful result in which our client is awarded money. The firm will never receive more money than our client at the conclusion of a case.

      What should I bring with me to my initial appointment?
      It is important we review all relevant documentation in a timely manner. At your initial consultation, please bring any court paperwork, including motions, petitions, and orders, you may have related to your case. We will also ask for your current address, date of birth, social security number, and current employer. This information allows us to open your case and file necessary documents with the courts.

        What are court costs?
        Court costs arise when a party initiates the opening of a court case. Court costs typically include a filing fee and a sheriff’s service fee. These fees vary depending on the type of case and the court. Court costs are often adjusted by the county. 

          What does family law entail?
          Family law is broad term that encompasses several issues related to familial relationships,, including divorce, paternity, custody, parenting time, child support, children in need of services, and guardianships. Each of these categories carries with it a myriad of smaller, complex issues.